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Next Rally Date - October 20, 2016

DGM is gearing up for another 50 state rally all over the country.  Our goal is to make noise and be heard.  If you can not make it to your state's capitol, you can do a corner rally instead - preferably at another government location where other representatives work as those representatives can help us improve laws that benefit everyone including Deaf people.  If you have questions, please contact your state DGM rep or use our contact page.

DGM Endorsing David O. Reynolds for NAD President

June 26, 2016 Posted by Otis Sizemore

Otis Sizemore: Hello everyone! I'm Otis Sizemore, Texas Representative for DGM. On behalf of National DGM has requested me to make this ASL vlog for the entire 50 states and we are announce that we are endorsing to David O. Reynolds for NAD President. There are 3 reasons why we are in favor for him is because he has prioritize the communication access, education access, and job access. It is very significant that NAD is able to accommodate our rights. We are in support for David O. Reynolds. We want to encourage the NAD's delegates to vote for him upcoming the election for NAD Presidential. 

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