Education is DGM's second focus that we want to improve. 

DGM is concerned about the raise in lack of proper education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students (especially DeafBlind students) as we hear a number of horror stories still happening.  Students being put in a closet for being noisy, put in a corner of the room and left out of instruction, obvious disregard of complying with IEP goals, poor interpreter/transliterator qualifications means subpar education for the child, the number of Deaf schools closing (which is akin to Hogwarts as noted in the Harry Potter series), and many other examples.  Not all of these issues are reported in the news due to DOE's censor rules, but they exist regardless.  The latest was a student won $1 Million dollars in Washington state, see  This student was denied equal access for years which falls under DGM's communication goals also. 

DGM also wants to empower students and parents with tools to achieve their potential and eventually become a independent tax payer.  DGM believes that more Deaf schools are needed despite the number of closures for several reasons that can not be easily measured like incidental learning (social communication among peers), marked self confidence (less bullying) and equal education where everyone is on the same page without fear of falling behind because everyone uses the same communication modality.  Deaf Schools may be costly at face value, however, when you look closer - you will see that it actually saves tax payers money by pooling resources into one place.  More of these schools are needed as too many are located too far away from parents to consider letting their child go or when local education associations (LEAs) say that they can serve your child best with subpar services.  This is where DGM wants to fix so that every child achieves their potential. 

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