Jobs (aka Employment) is another basic necessity that we all need.  DGM acknowledges that many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are going to new highs and careers that prevented many from applying.  This does not mean that it was easy for them to get to where they are now.  The latest example is truck driving, see or  For years, the federal government had a biased law in place since the 1950s that prevented Deaf people from obtaining a CDL license as you had to be able to hear a whisper with an extremely noisy truck running.  It was only recently that the NAD - National Association for the Deaf convinced DOT - Department of Transportation to reconsider the ruling.

DGM wishes to raise awareness that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can do about any job out there with little or no help!  This also means ending discrimination and old thinking that Deaf or Hard of Hearing people are helpless (or dumb) as these are two factors that prevent many employers from hiring highly qualified applicants who just happen to be Deaf or Hard of Hearing!

Heck, we even have Deaf firefighters, Deaf pilots, Deaf doctors and more!  All DGM is asking for the chance to work with you and you will be rewarded with hidden benefits like retention as many Deaf people like to stay with a job they like for a longgggggg time!  That saves employers money from training new employers and improves moral for everyone. 

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